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Adding a Signature
Composing and
Sending Email
Tip: Create high-impact emails with SmartArt graphics. Outlook now lets you insert and format SmartArt
right in the body of an email message. Click Insert➝SmartArt (Alt, N, M) to begin. Page 588 tells you all
about working with SmartArt.
Adding a Signature
An email signature is text that Outlook adds to the end of every email you send.
This might be contact information for business emails, or your favorite witty quote
for personal emails. In Outlook, you can have different signatures for different
purposes. This section shows you how to create and work with signatures.
Creating a signature
Before you can stamp your signature on outgoing emails, you need to create one or
more of these mini memos. Here’s how:
1. OpentheSignaturesandStationerydialogbox.Outlookoffersseveraldiffer-
— If you have a message window open in which you’re composing an email,
select Message Signature Signatures (Alt, H, G, S).
— An alternative path when you’re composing an email is to click Insert
Signature Signatures (Alt, N, G, S).
— If you’re in the main Outlook window, select File Options Mail (Alt, F,
I, and select Mail), and click the Signatures button.
Whichever path you take, the Signatures and Stationery dialog box, shown in
Figure 10-5, opens with the E-mail Signature tab selected. This dialog box is
where you compose, edit, and work with signatures.
2. ClicktheNewbutton.
A small dialog box appears, asking for a name for the signature you’re creating.
3. TypeinanameforthesignatureandclickOK.
Pick a name that makes it easy to find the signature you want, such as “Stan-
dard,” “Work,” “Holiday greeting,” and so on.
4. Themain part of the dialog box is the big “Edit signature” text box.Click
You can format the signature’s text using the buttons above the text box. The
far-right buttons let you add a picture or a link to your signature.
5. Inthe“Choosedefaultsignature”section,tellOutlookwhichmessagestoadd
— If you use more than one email account with Outlook, then select the email
account for this signature.
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