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Adding a Theme or Stationery
Composing and
Sending Email
Page Color (Alt, P, PC). If you want to give your message a background color,
click this button and select the color you want.
Tip: For more about working with Office themes, see page 181.
The days of handwritten notes on perfumed stationery may be over (and good
riddance if you have allergies), but you can design virtual stationery for email
messages you send from Outlook. They’re not perfumed, but they have a fun, elegant,
or funky look.
Note: For stationery to be visible, you must send the message in HTML format (that’s Outlook’s default).
The box on page 257 tells you more about email formats.
Here’s how to design your own email stationery:
1. Intheemail’smessagewindow,selectMessage Signature Signatures(Alt,
This opens the Signatures and Stationery dialog box.
2. ClickthePersonalStationerytab.
The dialog box changes to look like the one shown in Figure 10-6. The
Personal Stationery tab is where you choose a design and tell Outlook when to
use that design.
Figure 10-6:
Personalize the look
of your emails by
creating your own
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