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Adding a Theme or Stationery
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Sending Email
3. ClicktheThemebutton.
The Theme or Stationery box opens, as shown in Figure 10-7. In this dialog box,
themes include a background and styles for fonts, bullets, horizontal lines, and
hyperlinks. Stationery is just a background without any styles for the text. When
you select a theme, you can see what it looks like in the right-hand Sample pane.
4. ChooseadesignandclickOK.
Outlook saves your choice and returns you to the Personal Stationery tab.
5. Ifyouchosestationery,usetheFontbuttonstoselectafontfornewmessages
Outlook applies your newly designed stationery to the next email message you
Tip: If you want to apply a theme to all your outgoing email messages, head Backstage. Select
File➝Options (Alt, F, I) and click Mail. In the “Compose messages” section, click the Stationery and Fonts
button. This opens the Signatures and Stationery dialog box to its Personal Stationery tab, shown in Figure
10-6, where you can choose a theme and fonts to decorate all your messages.
Figure 10-7:
This example of an Outlook theme
shows the background, fonts, and
other styles that will add a certain
style to your email messages.
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