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Setting a Delivery Time
Composing and
Sending Email
Setting a Delivery Time
When you write an email message and click Send, Outlook sends your message on
its way immediately. Sometimes, though, you might get a little bit ahead on your
correspondence and compose an email that you want to send at some point in the
future—like birthday wishes, next month’s email newsletter, or that resignation note
for the day after the bonus arrives.
To schedule a message and send it at a scheduled date and time, select Options Delay
Delivery (Alt, P, D). This opens the Properties dialog box (Figure 10-8). In the “De-
livery options” section, turn on the “Do not deliver before” checkbox and choose the
delivery date and time from the drop-down lists. Click Close to save your selections.
Now when you click Send, Outlook waits until the time you specified before it sends
the email. Outlook must be running to send a scheduled message; if you’ve closed
the program or turned off your computer, it sends the message the next time you
open Outlook after the scheduled time has passed.
Tip: If you sent an email and the recipient hasn’t gotten it within a few minutes, open the Properties box
and make sure that the “Do not deliver before” checkbox is off.
Directing Replies to Another Address
When you send an email, you might not want recipients’ replies to come back to you.
For example, you might send out a marketing newsletter to subscribers but prefer
that any replies to go to the guys and gals in sales. Here’s how to set that up:
1. Composeyouremail,andthenselectOptions DirectRepliesTo(Alt,P,I).
The Properties box (Figure 10-8) opens. In the “Delivery options” section,
Outlook has already turned on the “Have replies sent to” checkbox.
2. Inthe“Haverepliessentto”textbox,typeintheaddresswhereyouwantto
To find the address in your Address Book, click the Select Names button.
3. ClickClose.
Outlook closes the Properties box and returns you to the message you’re
When you send the email, any recipient who hits Reply will open a message
addressed to the email address you inserted in the “Have replies sent to” text box. Nice
way to pass the buck!
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