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Adding Voting Buttons
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Sending Email
Adding Voting Buttons
There are times when the only reply you want is a yes or no answer. Maybe you’ve
sent around a final copy of a proposal or specification and simply want recipients to
vote whether to accept or reject the final version. That’s what voting buttons are for.
When you add voting buttons to an email, people who receive the email and read it
in Outlook see a Vote button added to their Message tab. Clicking that button opens
a menu of voting options, such as approve/reject, yes/no, or whatever you specify.
When the recipient votes, Outlook sends a special email message back to you that
logs the vote. Votes stay within the conversation, so you can easily keep track of them.
To add voting buttons to an email, compose your email and then select Options Use
Voting Buttons (Alt, P, V). Pick the voting options you want from the menu that opens.
If you want to create custom voting options—such as people’s names to vote for
Employee of the Month—then choose Custom (C) from the Use Voting Buttons menu
to open the Properties dialog box (Figure 10-8). In the Voting and Tracking options
section, make sure the “Use voting buttons” checkbox is on, and then type in the
voting choices you want, separated by semicolons. Click Close to add your custom voting
options to the email. (Outlook also adds them to the Use Voting Buttons menu in
case you want to use them again in the future.)
Note: Voting buttons won’t work if a recipient uses a program other than Outlook to read her email.
Working Offline
Even the most accomplished multitasker needs to focus sometimes. If you want to
work uninterrupted by a barrage of incoming emails, go to the main Outlook
window and select Send/Receive Work Offline (Alt, S, W). Outlook disconnects from
the server (although your computer remains online, so you can still use the Internet).
You know that Outlook is offline because there’s a Working Offline notification in
the status bar and a big red X on Outlook’s taskbar button. To take Outlook back
online and start receiving emails again, repeat what you did before: Select Send/
Receive Work Offline (Alt, S, W). This toggles the connection back on and changes
the status bar notification to Connected.
Note: Going offline means you won’t be disturbed by incoming emails, but you can’t send email when
you’re offline, either. If you try to send an email when you’re offline, Outlook sends it automatically after
you reconnect.
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