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Opening an Attachment
Receiving Email
Save As (Alt, JA, AV) saves the file on your computer in whatever location
you select.
Remove Attachment (Alt, JA, R) detaches the attachment from the email and
gets rid of it—helpful if you want to slim down hard drive clutter after you’ve
read and saved that 10 MB PowerPoint attachment. (After all, no need to save
it in Outlook and in another folder on your hard drive, right?) Careful, though:
You can’t undo removing an attachment, and there’s no confirmation before
Outlook acts.
Select All (Alt, JA, SA) selects all files when a message has multiple
attachments. If you want to copy, save, or remove all of an email’s attachments, use this
button to select them first, and then click the appropriate button.
Copy Attachments (Alt, JA, C) makes a copy of the attachment and puts it on
the Clipboard, so you can paste it elsewhere—you might want to paste a picture
into a Word document or a PowerPoint slide, for example.
Show Message (Alt, JA, M) closes the attachment and returns you to the email
message it came with.
Figure 10-10:
The Attachment Tools | Attachments contextual
tab lets you open, save, or remove an attached
file. To stop viewing the attachment and go back
to the email message, click the Show Message
button or Message in the bar above the reading
area (circled).
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