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Getting Notified
Receiving Email
Getting Notified
Outlook gets pretty excited when a new email arrives: It plays a sound, changes the
mouse pointer, displays a picture of an envelope in the taskbar, and displays an alert
on your desktop for several seconds. If that’s more notification than you need, you
can tone it down a bit.
From the main Outlook window, click File Options (Alt, F, I), and then select Mail.
Scroll down to find the “Message arrival” section. Turn off the checkbox of any
notification method you don’t want. Click OK to save your changes.
Deleting a Message
You probably won’t want to hang onto every email you receive. Often you can open
an email, read its contents, and be done with it. When you delete a message from
Outlook, you move it to the Deleted Items folder. Deleted messages sit there until
you empty the trash, which removes them permanently.
If you’ve got a message open in its own window, press Ctrl+D or click the Message
tab’s Delete button (Alt, H, D) to send the message to the Deleted Items folder. From
the inbox, right-click the message you want to delete and choose Delete from the
bottom of the shortcut menu.
After a while, your Deleted Items folder fills up with items you don’t want. There are
two ways to empty all items from the trash:
• In the Navigation pane, right-click Deleted Items. From the shortcut menu,
choose Empty Folder.
• Select File Info Cleanup Tools (Alt, F, E, T). Then choose Empty Deleted
Items Folder.
In either case, Outlook checks to make sure you really want to get rid of everything
in the folder. Click Yes, and you’ve taken out the trash.
Marking a Message as Unread
In your inbox, the subject of any message you haven’t read yet appears as bold text.
When you open a message in the Reading pane or in its own message window, the
inbox no longer displays that message’s subject as bold; it’s just normal text.
If you want to mark a message as unread, making it easier to find when you scan
what’s in your inbox, use one of these methods:
• If you have the message open in its own window, go to the Message tab’s Tags
section and click Mark Unread (Alt, H, U).
• In the inbox, select a message and click the Home tab’s Unread/Read button
(Alt, H, W).
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