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Flagging a Message
Receiving Email
• In the inbox, you can also right-click the message and select Mark as Unread
from the shortcut menu.
Outlook restores bold formatting to that message in the inbox.
Flagging a Message
Flagging a message means marking it so you’ll remember to deal with it later. In the
inbox or other mailbox, flagged messages show a colored flag to the right of the
subject. (Messages you haven’t flagged show the dim outline of a flag.)
Flagging a message you’ve received
When you receive an important message and want to make sure you remember to
act on it later, you can click the message’s flag icon right in your inbox. Alternatively,
select the message and, on the Home tab, click Follow Up Flag Message (Alt, H, U,
M). The flag turns red so you’ll notice it.
Later, when you’ve attended to the message, clear the flag by clicking it again in the
mailbox. Or you can select the message, go to the Home tab, and click Follow Up Clear
Flag (Alt, H, U, E). The flag goes back to its original, ghostly gray appearance.
If you’re reading the message in a message window and want to flag it, select
Message Follow Up Flag Message (Alt, H, W, M). This puts a reminder to
follow up above the message’s From line. To unflag a message, select Message Follow
Up Clear Flag (Alt, H, W, E). The reminder disappears.
Flagging an outgoing message
When you send an email message, you can flag it for yourself, for recipients, or for
both. Compose your email, and then follow these steps:
1. SelectMessage FollowUp Custom(Alt,H,W,C).
Outlook opens the Custom dialog box, shown in Figure 10-11. The dialog box
has a section where you can flag the message for yourself and another section
where you can add a flag for the recipient. (The recipient has to use Outlook to
see your flag.)
2. Ifyouwanttheflagtoappearonyourcopyofthesentemail,turnonthe“Flag
This marks the message in your Sent Items folder, so you can remember to
follow up on it.
3. Turn on the “Flag for Recipients” checkbox, and then choose the flag you
Flags include Follow Up, For Your Information, Forward, No Response
Necessary, Read, and Reply.
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