Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Organizing Messages
Receiving Email
4. If youwant to send recipients a reminder, turnon theReminder checkbox
For more about reminders in Outlook, see page 333.
5. ClickOK.
Outlook sets the flags you chose.
Send your email as usual, and your flags go with it.
Figure 10-11:
When you add a flag to an email you’re sending,
you can flag both the email in your Sent Items
folder and the one heading to the recipient.
Finding flagged messages
To make a folder display only its flagged messages, use the Home tab’s far-right Filter
E-mail button; click it and select Flagged (Alt, H, L, F). Outlook searches the folder
for all flagged messages and displays only those. When you find the message you
want, return the folder to normal by clicking the Search Tools | Search tab’s Close
Search button (Alt, JS, CS).
Tip: Flags aren’t the only filter you can apply to a folder. For more about filtering a folder’s contents, see
page 315.
Organizing Messages
Received messages pile up in your inbox unless you move them into a
different folder. Outlook comes with a number of folders built right in, such as Trash,
Starred, All Mail, and Spam. (You can also create your own—Chapter 12 tells you
all about folders.)
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