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Organizing Messages
Receiving Email
When you’re reading a message in its own window, you can move that message out
of the inbox and to a different folder by following these steps:
1. SelectMessage Move(Alt,H,MV).
A menu appears, giving you three options:
Other Folder (O). This option removes the message from its current
er (for a new message, that’s the inbox) and places it in a different folder.
Copy to Folder (C). This option keeps the message in its current folder
and places an exact copy in a different folder.
Always Move Messages in This Conversation (A). This option removes
the message from its current folder and places it (along with any follow-up
messages) in a different folder.
2. Selecttheoptionthatreflectswhatyouwanttodowiththismessage.
A dialog box like the one shown in Figure 10-12 opens. The box looks the same
whether you’re moving, copying, or always moving—the only difference is its
name in the title bar. The main part of the box lists your folders, with the
message’s current folder selected.
3. Selectthefolderyouwanttomoveorcopythemessageto,andthenclickOK.
Outlook moves your message to the new folder (or puts a copy of the message
there, depending on what you chose in step 2).
Figure 10-12:
Select the folder that will become the message’s new home. To
create a new folder and move the message there, click New.
Tip: If you want to create a new folder in which to store this message, click the New button in step 3.
Chapter 12 tells you more about creating and working with folders in Outlook.
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