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Routing Incoming Messages
Receiving Email
Routing Incoming Messages
Most of the time, you’ll probably want new messages to land in your inbox, because
that’s where you’ll look for and notice them. But you can tell Outlook to bypass the
inbox and send some messages straight to a different folder. For example, maybe
you sent out invitations to a party and want RSVP replies to go into a special folder.
In Outlook, you create rules to send incoming emails to the folders where you want
them to go.
Note: Rules are a great way to sort your email automatically. You can set up rules to filter out spam
messages, but you probably won’t have to, because Outlook has some advanced spam-busting tools that fight
spam for you—read about those on page 270.
When you receive an email you want to create a rule for, open it in its own message
window and do this:
1. OntheMessagetab,clickRules CreateRule(Alt,H,RR,U).
This opens the Create Rule dialog box, shown in Figure 10-13. In this dialog
box, you tell Outlook how to handle similar messages.
2. Inthetopsection,tellOutlookwhichmessagestheruleappliestobyturning
You can create a rule based on sender, subject line, recipient (sent only to you or
to a particular group), or a combination of these.
3. Inthebottomsection,tellOutlookwhattodowiththesemessagesbyturning
Here are your choices:
Display in the New Item Alert window. This calls attention to a message
you’re watching for by opening it in a brand-new window when it arrives.
Play a selected sound. If some emails make you feel like cheering and
others make you groan, you can apply the appropriate sounds when those
emails arrive. Turn on this checkbox and select a sound. (Use the Browse
button to find and select a sound file stored on your computer.)
Move the item to folder. When you turn on this checkbox and select a
folder, Outlook always moves emails with the characteristics you chose
above to this folder.
4. Afteryou’vemadeyourchoices,clickOK.
Outlook creates a new rule based on your criteria. A dialog box appears, asking
if you want to apply this rule to messages you’ve already received.
5. Ifyouwant,turnonthe“Runthisrulenowonmessagesalreadyinthecur-
Now Outlook is on the alert for messages that fit your rule’s criteria.
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