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Deleting a Quick Step
Managing Multiple
Email Accounts
Figure 10-16:
To customize a Quick
Step, you can remove
any action you don’t
want and add new
Click to remove
this action.
Click this button to
add a new drop-down
list and choose an
Tip: To change the order in which Quick Steps appear in the gallery, open the Manage Quick Steps dialog
box. In the list of Quick Steps, select a step to move, and then use the up and down button beneath the
list to change the steps’ order.
Deleting a Quick Step
If there’s a Quick Step you never use, you can remove it from the gallery. Open the
Manage Quick Steps dialog box, select the Quick Step you want to get rid of, and then
click the Delete button. Outlook removes it from the Quick Steps list and gallery.
Managing Multiple Email Accounts
These days, lots of people have more than one email account: one for work, one for
personal use, one for your moonlighting business. You can manage all of these
accounts from Outlook, centralizing your correspondence.
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