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Adding Another Email Account
Managing Multiple
Email Accounts
Adding Another Email Account
To add a new email account to Outlook, select File Info Account Settings (Alt, F,
E, S), and then click the Account Settings menu item. In the Account Settings dialog
box, make sure the E-mail tab is selected, and then click New.
The Add New Account dialog box opens, with POP3 or IMAP selected. The option
that’s already selected is probably what you want, so click Next. (This steps looks
like the dialog box shown in Figure 10-1, which you used to set up your original
account.) Make sure the E-mail Account radio button is on, then type in your name
and the email address and password of the account you want to add. Click Next.
Outlook does the rest. It checks with the email account you added to make sure the
address and password are correct. If all’s well, your new account gets a test message, just
like when you first set up Outlook. Click Finish when you’re done adding accounts.
Keeping Accounts Straight
When you use Outlook to manage multiple email accounts, the different accounts
appear, listed by email address, in the Navigation pane. Use the arrows beside each
address to expand that account, showing its folders, or to collapse it, showing just
its address.
To see what’s in a particular folder in one of your accounts, find the folder in the
Navigation pane and click it. The contents of the folder appear in the center pane, so
you can select a message to view in the Reading pane.
Choosing Which Account to Send From
When you’re managing several different email accounts, you want to make sure each
message you send heads out into the great beyond bearing the email address from
the right account. Otherwise, recipients could get confused and their replies could
end up in the wrong Outlook folder.
When you click the New E-mail button or press Ctrl+N to compose a new message,
Outlook sends it from your default address. Here’s how to choose that default address:
1. Select File Info Account Settings (Alt, F, E, S), and choose the Account
The Account Settings dialog box appears, listing the email accounts you’ve
added to Outlook. The account that has a checkmark to its left is your default
2. Tochangethedefault,selecttheaccountyouwant,andthenclickSetasDe-
The account you selected jumps to the top of the list, and a checkmark appears
beside it.
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