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Adding Contacts
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Adding Contacts
You can stock Outlook’s Contact form with everything from the barest basics (name
and email address) to a fully fleshed-out address book entry: company, job title,
multiple phone numbers and addresses, even a photo. When someone sends you
an email, you can instantly transform that person into a contact. As you create new
contacts, Outlook automatically builds a virtual business card for those people,
giving you at-a-glance access to the info you need.
Creating a new contact from scratch
What you need to do here is really pretty simple; just follow these steps:
1. In Outlook’s Navigation pane, click Contacts. Select Home New Contact
The Contact window, shown in Figure 11-1, opens. This window is where you
create and work with individual contacts. You can save a ton of information
here, including the contact’s name and company, Internet info (email, web
address, instant messaging ID), phone numbers, and physical addresses. You can
also create a virtual business card—an online card within Outlook that holds a
person’s contact information—and add a photo.
2. Inthetopsection,fillintheperson’snameandpersonalinformation.
Type directly into the text boxes, or click the Full Name button to enter the
name by field: Title, First Name, Last Name, and so on. The information you fill
in appears on the virtual business card to the right.
3. Takealookatthe“Fileas”box,whichtellsOutlookhowtodisplaythiscon-
You might want to look up certain contacts by their company, rather than their
names, for example. You can select how you want to file any contact when you
create or edit that contact.
4. Ifyouwant,addaphoto.Todoso,clickthesilhouettetotherightofthecon-
A dialog box opens where you can navigate to and select a photo from your
computer. Find the photo you want, and then click Open to insert it.
5. IntheInternetsection,typeinanemail,websiteaddress,andIMscreenname
Each contact can have up to three email addresses. To add a second (or third)
address, click the E-mail button’s down arrow and select E-mail 2 (or E-mail 3)
and enter the address.
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