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Adding Contacts
Adding and Editing
6. In the Phone numbers section, type in any telephone numbers you want
As Figure 11-1 shows, the default phone number fields are Business, Home,
Business Fax, and Mobile, but these labels are flexible. Click the down arrow
next to any phone number label to select from a list of kinds of numbers:
Assistant, Business 2, Pager, Other, and so on.
Business card
Figure 11-1:
For each contact, Outlook
can store bare-bones
contact information or a
detailed profile.
Type information about the
contact into these fields.
Notes pane
Click to display the
People pane for
this contact.
7. Next,addinfototheAddressessection.
As with the labels for phone numbers, you’ve got more than one option here.
Click the down arrow to change the address from Business, say, to Home. When
you add more than one address, turn on the “This is the mailing address”
checkbox for the one you’d use to send mail.
Tip: If you want to see the address on a map, click the Map It button. Clicking this button opens your web
browser and goes to Bing Maps with the address displayed.
8. In theNotes box, add any other information youwant to remember about
You might include names of the person’s spouse and children, birthday,
preferred name (maybe William hates to be called Bill), professional associations
you both belong to—the info you include here is entirely up to you.
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