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Importing Email Addresses from Another Program
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9. Whenyou’refinished,clickSave&Newifyouwanttoaddanothercontact.
Outlook creates your new contact.
You can come back to your new contact’s card at any time. In Outlook’s main
Contacts window, find the person you want and double-click his or her name.
Creating a new contact from an email message
When you receive an email, Outlook makes it easy to add the sender to your
contacts. Just open the email in a Message pane, right-click the contact’s address in the
From line, and select Add to Outlook Contacts.
The Contact page opens in a new window, with the person’s name and email address
already filled in. Add whatever information you want, and then click Save & Close.
Presto: a new contact.
Importing Email Addresses from Another Program
If you’re switching to Outlook from another email program, forget about wasting
hours typing in all those contacts one by one. Outlook is ready to help with some
handy importing tools. The process usually entails two steps:
1. Intheemailprogramwhoseaddressbookyouwanttograb,exportthead-
2. Import the file intoOutlook,which sucks in the data and uses it to create
The file that saves the data is most often a CSV (comma-separated values) or a TSV
(tab-separated values) file. In these formats, commas or tabs separate pieces of
information; Outlook can read the file and create new contacts from it.
Tip: Before importing address book contacts into Outlook, take a few minutes to go through your other
email program and weed out any contacts you don’t want.
Importing from Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Eudora
If you’re importing from Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Eudora, there’s even
better news: You don’t have to worry about those geeky-sounding CSV files. Outlook
can find and use the information it needs with a few simple details from you.
Note: For this method to work, both Outlook and the program you’re importing from must be on the
same computer.
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