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Importing Email Addresses from Another Program
Adding and Editing
Here’s what you need to do:
1. SelectFile Open Import(Alt,F,O,I).
The Import Wizard starts up.
2. ChooseImportInternetMailandAddresses,andthenclickNext.
The wizard asks which email program you’re importing from.
3. Make your choice and tellOutlook whether you also want to importmail
The wizard asks how you want to handle any duplicate addresses. You can
choose to replace the contact information in Outlook with the imported
information, allow duplicates, or not import any duplicates. If you tell Outlook
to import email messages, it grabs the 30 most recent messages in your inbox.
4. Turnontheradiobuttonthatindicateshowyouwanttodealwithduplicates,
If you’re importing from Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you’re done.
Outlook finds the information and imports it into Outlook. If you’re importing
from Eudora, you have one more step: A Browse dialog box opens, listing the
drives and folders on your computer.
5. FindandselectthemailfolderforEudora.ClickOK.
Outlook imports your data.
After Outlook is finished, it presents you with an Import Summary listing how many
addresses and contact groups (and messages if you chose to import mail) it imported.
Importing from another email program
If the email program you’re importing from isn’t one covered by the previous steps,
you’ve got to expend a little more time and effort (but only a little). Different email
programs have different steps for exporting addresses, but the overall process is
usually quite similar to the two-step dance described on page 282. As an example, here’s
how to export contacts from Gmail:
1. SignintoyourGmailaccountandclicktheleft-handContactslink.
Your Contacts page opens.
2. Clicktheupper-rightExportlink.
Gmail opens the Export page.
3. ChoosewhichcontactsyouwanttotransfertoOutlook,andthenchoosethe
Gmail creates a file named contacts.csv , and your web browser opens a dialog
box so you can download it to your computer.
4. Download the file toa locationwhereyoucan find itwhenyou import the
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