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Editing a Contact’s Information
Adding and Editing
That’s the export phase of the operation. To import your contacts, open Outlook and
follow these steps:
1. InOutlook,selectFile Open Import(Alt,F,O,I).
The Import Wizard opens.
2. Select“Importfromanotherprogramorfile”,andthenclickNext.
The wizard shows a list of file types.
3. SelectCommaSeparatedValues(Windows)asthetypeoffileyou’reimport-
Outlook asks where to find the file you’re importing.
4. ClicktheBrowsebutton,andthenfindandselectyourCSVfile(intheGmail
example, that’s contacts.csv ). In the wizard, turn on the radio button that
Outlook asks where you want to store the imported contacts.
5. SelectContacts,clickNext,andthenclickFinish.
Outlook imports your contacts (which can take a few minutes if you have lots
of contacts) and stores them in your Contacts folder.
Tip: After you’ve imported contacts, open the Contacts window and look through the contacts Outlook
imported. You might want to add details to some of the contacts, change the way Outlook files them, or
weed some out.
Editing a Contact’s Information
People move, change jobs, and get married all the time. To update your Outlook
records, head back to the same page you used to create the contact in the first place.
From the main Outlook window, double-click the contact you want to edit. Click
any field, select what you want to change, and then enter the new info. If you need
to change anything on the Details page, don’t forget to click the Contact tab’s Details
button and update what you see there.
Editing all fields
To avoid hopscotching through the many fields on the Contact and Details pages—
and to make sure you change everything you want—try clicking the Contact tab’s
All Fields button (you can find it in the Show section, or just press Alt, H, AE). Use
the “Select from” drop-down list to pick what you want to change, such as address,
email, or frequently used fields, and the page changes to look like Figure 11-2. Select
any field to edit it; scroll down the page to make sure all the info is accurate.
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