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Editing a Contact’s Information
Adding and Editing
Creating a new field
If you need to keep track of specialized information that Outlook doesn’t cover—
Employee ID or Favorite Sibling, for example—you can create your own field. Open
any contact and select Contact All Fields (Alt, H, AE) as shown in Figure 11-2. At
the bottom of the page, click the New button.
In the dialog box that opens, give the field a name (this becomes its label). Choose a
type (such as text, number, or yes/no) and then click OK. To see your new field, open
the contact and click the All Fields button. Your new category appears in the “Select
from” drop-down menu’s “User-defined fields in this item” category.
Adding details
The Notes pane is great for jotting random, non-database-y info (where you first
met, topics to avoid talking about, and so on). Microsoft has already created
categories for a few popular entries, things like manager’s name, assistant’s name, spouse/
partner, birthday, anniversary, and more. Summon these via the Contact tab’s
Details button (Alt, H, TA). Details you add here don’t show up on the main contact
page; you have to click the Details button to see them.
Figure 11-2:
Select a category from the drop-down
list (circled) to see fields in that
category, and then change any info that
needs editing. To create a new field,
click the New button (also circled).
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