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Finding a Contact
Finding a Contact
Figure 11-3:
You can select the information
that appears on a contact’s
business card and change the
card’s appearance.
Finding a Contact
As you add contacts, it’s easy for any one of them to get lost in the crowd. Outlook
gives you lots of ways to find whomever you’re looking for. From the main Contacts
page, try any of these:
Search. Click inside the Search box at the top of the page and start typing. As
your fingers fly across the keys, Outlook narrows down the contacts it displays,
so it may take just a few letters to find the contact. To fine-tune your search,
click the Search Tools | Search tab (Alt, JS), shown in Figure 11-4, and get more
specific by searching within a specific category or other search parameter, such
as a particular city or company.
Search by category. Use this method when you’ve assigned a contact to a category
(page 308) and want to narrow your search by looking only in that category.
Press Ctrl+E to open the Search Tools | Search tab (Figure 11-4). Click the
Categorized button (Alt, JS, G) and select the category you want.
Tip: For even more details about searching in Outlook—how to repeat a search or do an advanced search,
for example—see page 313.
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