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Viewing Contacts
Viewing Contacts
Search from the Home tab. If you happen to be here when you want to find a
contact, look in the far-right Find section for the Find a Contact search box. Type
the contact’s name, and then press Enter. Outlook opens the page for that contact.
Note: The Find a Contact search box appears on the right side of the Home tab no matter what you’re
doing in Outlook. The Home tabs of the Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes windows all display
Find a Contact there.
Scroll down. There’s a scroll bar to the right of the contacts; use it to move
through them.
Use the index. To the right of the contacts in Business Card and Card views is
an index you can use to jump to contacts filed under a certain letter—actually a
letter pair. So if you click “rs”, for example, the display changes to show you the
first contact filed under R. Scroll up or down from there. This method is
helpful when you’ve got a full Contacts folder and want to jump to a specific letter.
Switch to Phone or List view and sort by name, company, or other category.
As the next section explains, you’ve got loads of different options for viewing
your contacts. Views arranged in a list format allow you to sort and filter your
entries in various ways, making it easier to find the particular person you’re
looking for.
Figure 11-4:
Press Ctrl+E for instant
access to Outlook’s
Search Tools | Search
contextual tab. Use this
tab to widen your search
(looking in more folders)
or narrow it by searching
by category or other
criterion. Click More (circled)
to see a list of specific
fields to search, such as
First Name and Job Title.
Viewing Contacts
It might not be as much fun as watching TV or surfing the Web, but sometimes
you need to browse your Contacts list. Outlook gives you plenty of display options,
which it calls views. Each one shows all your contacts, but in noticeably different
ways. Some give more information about each contact but minimize the number of
listings that fit on the screen; others show more contacts but give minimal details
about them.
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