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Viewing Contacts
Viewing Contacts
Start by selecting Contacts from the Navigation pane; the Contacts window’s Home
tab displays a Views gallery, shown in Figure 11-5. Click a view to select it, or click
the lower-right More button to expand the gallery and see all its options.
Tip: You can also select a view from the View tab. Select View➝Change View (Alt, W, CV) to see the
gallery of view options and pick the one you want.
Business Card. This view (Figure 11-5) displays your contacts as business
cards, arranged alphabetically, with a photo (if you added one), name, job, and
contact info.
Card. In Card view, your contacts look more like index cards, as shown in
Figure 11-6. This view arranges cards alphabetically in columns, so you can see
more contacts on a page.
Phone. Shown in Figure 11-7, this view emphasizes phone numbers by showing
contacts in a list with all their key digits to the right of the full names.
List. As its name implies, this view shows contacts in a list. No photos, no card
format—each contact gets a single line. This view is more like looking at a full
spreadsheet listing of everything that’s in an entry.
Views gallery
Figure 11-5:
In Business Card
view, Outlook lays out
your contacts’ virtual
business cards. Use
the Views gallery to
select a view; click the
More button (circled)
to see more choices.
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