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Gathering Contacts into a Group
Gathering Contacts
into a Group
Journal Entry (J). The little-used Outlook Journal automatically tracks
shared Office documents and emails associated with a contact, but the
Activities page (page 295) and the People pane (page 294) do the same thing
and are easier to find. If you want to use the Journal, you have to customize
the ribbon (page 891) to add its buttons and then turn it on. Most people
are unlikely to use this option.
Call (A). If your phone is hooked up to your computer through an
automatic phone dialer, you can make calls right from Outlook. When you
pick this option, Outlook displays a list of phone numbers for this contact.
Choose one, and the new Call dialog box opens. Click Open Contact if
you want to see the person’s detailed information during the conversation.
Click Start Call to place the call.
Note: Before you can make a call using Outlook, you have to specify information for your location,
including country, area code, and other details.
Contact cards also offer a quick way to get in touch with a contact. When you’re
working with email, hover the mouse pointer over a contact’s email address in the
Reading pane or a message window. The person’s contact card appears, as shown in
Figure 11-10. Click one of the icons at the bottom to email, send an instant message,
call, or schedule a meeting with the contact.
Contact card
Figure 11-10:
When you get an
email from a contact,
you can quickly get
a glimpse of its key
details thanks to this
tiny pop-up window.
Hover over the
contact’s email address
to see it. Use the
upper-right pin icon
to keep the contact
card visible until you
unpin it; click the
lower-left down arrow
to expand it and see
more info.
Gathering Contacts into a Group
Emailing groups of people is a remarkably common activity—sending off that
monthly newsletter, scheduling your kickball league, issuing reports on the kids to
adoring grandparents. When you routinely send emails to multiple recipients, don’t
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