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Creating a Contact Group
Gathering Contacts
into a Group
waste time entering their email addresses one by one. Instead, create a group that
gathers together all the contacts into a single entity; when you email the group, you
email everyone in it.
Creating a Contact Group
To create a group of contacts, follow these steps:
1. SelectHome NewContactGroup(Alt,H,CG).
Outlook opens the Contact Group window, shown in Figure 11-11, with the
Contact Group tab displayed.
Figure 11-11:
The Contact Group window
lists the individual contacts
that make up a group. Click
Add Members (circled) to
populate the group.
2. IntheNametextbox,typeinanameforyourgroup.
Pick something descriptive, like “Book Group,” “Softball Team,” “Koala Bear
Lovers”—whatever makes it easy to remember the purpose of the group.
3. ClicktheAddMembersbutton(Alt,H,M).
A menu appears so you can choose where to find everyone:
From Outlook Contacts. When you choose this option, Outlook opens
the Select Members: Contacts dialog box, shown in Figure 11-12.
From Address Book. The Outlook Address Book is a collection of address
lists created from your Outlook Contacts folders.
New E-mail Contact. Click this to add someone who’s not already in your
Contacts. Outlook asks for a name and email address and turns on the Add
to Contacts checkbox. Provide the requested info and click OK.
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