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Sending Email to a Contact Group
Gathering Contacts
into a Group
Sending Email to a Contact Group
The whole point of creating a group is being able to email everyone en masse.
Whatever you’re sending, you’ve got these options when it’s time to reach out to the gang:
From the Outlook Contacts window, method 1. Select the group you want to
email, and then click Home E-mail (Alt, H, E). A new message window opens,
ready for you to write your email.
From the Outlook Contacts window, method 2. Right-click a group, and then
select Create E-mail. As with the first method, a new message window opens.
From the Contact Group window. If you have the group open (maybe you just
added a new member), you can start an email from the Contact Group tab by
clicking the E-mail button (Alt, H, E). This also opens a new message window.
From your inbox or other mailbox. If you’re already working with email, start
by creating a new email message as you normally would: Press Ctrl+N or select
Home New E-mail (Alt, H, N). A new message window opens. Click the To
button or the Message tab’s Address Book button (Alt, H, AB) to open the Select
Names: Contacts dialog box. Here, select the group you want and click the To
button, and then click OK.
Wherever you started from, Outlook inserts the name of the group in the message’s
To line. Compose and send your message in the usual way. Recipients who get your
message can see all group members’ email addresses displayed in the To line, so don’t
send an email this way if you want to keep the address private or make multiple
recipients invisible. If that’s the case, put the group in the Bcc line instead.
Managing a Contact Group
Groups change. People change jobs or email providers, move away, stop attending
a club. To update the contacts in a group, go to the main Outlook Contacts window
and find the group you want. Double-click it, and the window that opens looks just
like the one in Figure 11-11, with the group’s information already filled in. Here’s
what you can do from the Contact Group tab on this page:
Add new members. This works in the same way as adding members while
creating the group. Click the Add Members button (Alt, H, M) and choose a source
to add a new member to the current group.
Remove members. To say buh-bye, select the member you want to remove and
then click Remove Member (Alt, H, X). There’s no confirmation and no undo,
so make sure you’ve selected the right person. (If you nix someone by mistake,
click the Add Members button to bring her back into the fold.)
Note: Removing a contact from a group doesn’t delete the contact from Outlook. If you want to delete a
contact entirely, follow the instructions on page 286.
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