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Sending Email to a Contact Group
Gathering Contacts
into a Group
Rename the group. To change the group’s name, click inside the Name text box
and type in the new name.
Update the group. This updates your Contact Group with the contacts’ most
recent information.
Add notes. You can add notes to a group just as you can to any individual
contact. Click the Notes button (Alt, H, O) and jot down whatever you want to keep
in mind about this group. To view or edit the notes later, open the group’s page,
and then click the Notes button.
Share group details. If you need someone else to do some work with the group,
such as send out bulletins while you’re on vacation, you can share the group’s
details with that person. How you share depends on whether the person you’re
sharing with uses Outlook. Click Forward Group (Alt, H, N), and then choose
one of these options:
In Internet Format (vCard). A vCard is a virtual business card. In this
case, it means you send the contact info as a text file that the recipient can
open with a word processing program. Use this option when you’re not
sure whether the recipient uses Outlook.
As an Outlook Contact. If you know that the person you’re sharing with
uses Outlook, then choose this option, which shares the contacts as a list of
Outlook Contacts. The recipient can then use this list to create the group.
After you’ve chosen how to share the group, Outlook opens a message window
with your group as an attachment. Address, compose, and send the email to the
person with whom you’re sharing the group.
Delete the group. The Garden Show was a big success, and the committee has
disbanded. If a contacts group has outlived its usefulness, you can delete it. As
with removing a contact from a group, deleting a group doesn’t delete its
members from your Contacts—it just undoes the ties that bind them into the group.
Click the Delete Group button (Alt, H, D), click Yes to confirm that you want to
delete the group, and you’re done.
Tip: You can also delete a group from the main Contacts page. Select the group and click the Home tab’s
Delete button; then confirm the deletion.
Except for deleting a group, you need to click Save & Close to apply any changes you
make in the Contact Group window. So after you’ve finished managing the group,
don’t forget to click Save & Close (Alt, H, AV). If you try to close the window without
saving, Outlook asks whether you want to save the changes you made. Click yes to
save them and close the Contact Group window.
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