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Printing Your Contacts
Printing Your
Tip: Some options, such as Card Style, have more than one layout—if you see “1 of 2” below the preview,
then click the right arrow to see the alternative layout for this style.
5. Whenyou’rereadytoprint,clickthebigPrintbuttonatthetopofthepage.
Outlook sends your document to the printer.
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Contacts and Social Networking: Outlook Social Connector
Outlook is aiming to become the social networking tool
for busy professionals. With the explosion of services like
Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace (to name just a
few) Outlook Social Connector aims to gather up all your
contacts’ latest posts, so you can see what’s up right from
your inbox.
Connector makes keeping track of your contacts easier and
more efficient.
At this writing, Outlook Social Connector works with
SharePoint 2010’s new social capabilities. It also works with
LinkedIn and MySpace, and other sites, including
Facebook, Windows Live, and Twitter, are scheduled to come
on board soon. To get updates from third-party sites on
Outlook, you need to download an add-in so the site can
communicate with Outlook. Get LinkedIn for Outlook at and MySpace for Outlook at .
In Outlook Mail, social networking info appears in the
People pane (page 294). In addition to seeing the Outlook
information you have in common (such as emails and
upcoming meetings), you can see your pals’ latest status
updates. That way you don’t have to jump around between
windows to see what’s up with a particular contact. Social
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