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Filling Up and Managing Folders
Filling Up and
Managing Folders
Note: When you’re working with Calendars, the Folders tab is a little different. Instead of a New Folder
button, there’s a New Calendar button. That’s because a calendar works like a folder, storing different
appointments, meetings, and events.
Filling Up and Managing Folders
The reason for creating a folder, of course, is to put items in it. If you didn’t use
separate folders for email, for example, all your messages would stuff your inbox,
making it hard to find a particular message. To keep your items organized, put each
in its proper place.
To move an item from one folder to another (an email message from the inbox to a
custom folder, for example), select the email and click the Home tab’s Move button
(Alt, H, MV). A menu opens, showing a list of other folders. Select the one you want.
If you don’t see it on the menu, click Other Folder (O) to open a dialog box showing
all your Outlook folders.
As you read individual email messages, you can quickly move them to other folders
without closing the message window. Use the Message tab’s Move button (Alt, H,
MV) to choose the new folder.
Tip: If you’re moving an email message, you can make sure that all future messages in the same
conversation automatically follow the same path to the new folder. From the Move menu, select Always Move
Messages in This Conversation (Alt, H, MV, A).
Copying a Folder
To copy an entire folder (to create a record of what was in the folder as of a certain
date, for example), select the folder you want to duplicate, and then head to the Folder
tab. There, click the Action section’s Copy Folder button (Alt, D, CF). The dialog box
shown in Figure 12-3 opens; it’s got a list of all your Outlook folders. Select the one
you want to hold the folder you’re copying, and then click OK.
Moving a Folder
From the Navigation pane’s Folder List, select the one you want to move, and then
click Folder Move Folder (Alt, D, MF). The Move Folder dialog box opens; like the
Copy Folder dialog box (Figure 12-3), it shows a list of possible destinations. From
the list, select where you want to move the new folder to (the moved item becomes a
subfolder of the folder you choose).
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