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Renaming a Folder
Categorizing Items
Figure 12-3:
From the list of folders, select the one that will hold the folder
you’re copying.
Renaming a Folder
Renaming a folder is simple. Select any item in the Folders List and then click the
Folder tab’s Rename Folder button (Alt, D, RN). The current name temporarily
becomes a text box. Type in the name you want. When you click outside the text box,
the new name sticks.
Deleting a Folder
Select the folder you want to nix and, on the Folder tab, click Delete Folder (Alt, D,
DF). Outlook asks whether you’re sure you want to do this. Click Yes if you’re ready.
Helpful tip: When you ax a folder, Outlook gets rid of it and then moves its contents
to the Deleted Items folder. (Good to know, in case you regret your decision later on.)
Categorizing Items
Folders provide a certain amount of neatness, but categories add a whole ’nother
level of organization. A category is a color-coded label that you stick onto items
you want to group together. A category can link together different kinds of Outlook
items, and it can help you find what you’re looking for within a folder.
Say you’re starting a new project at work. You can pick (or create) a category for all
items related to that project. Perhaps you pick the Blue category, change its name to
Paperless Office Project, and use it to categorize all your Outlook items related to
that daunting mission: emails, contacts who are also working on the project,
meetings, tasks, and notes. When you’re looking for items related to the project, you can
easily find them in any folder, thanks to the blue label.
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