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Creating a New Category
Categorizing Items
Creating a New Category
Outlook starts you out with six categories, but you might find that it doesn’t take
long to use them all up. When that happens, go ahead and create a new category by
following these steps:
1. Select an item that youwant to assign to thenew category, and then select
Home Categorize(Alt,H,G).
The menu of categories (Figure 12-4) opens.
2. SelectAllCategories(A).
The Color Categories dialog box opens (Figure 12-5).
Tip: You can assign a category from the Color Categories box. This is particularly helpful when you want
to put an item in more than one category. Turn on as many of the checkboxes as you want, and then
click OK.
3. ClickNew.
The Add New Category dialog box opens.
4. Giveyournewcategoryadescriptivename,andselectacolorfromthedrop-
The next time you click the Categorize button, your new category is on the menu.
Figure 12-5:
Create a new category or manage existing
ones from the Color Categories dialog box.
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