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Viewing Items by Category
Customizing Views
Viewing Items by Category
The whole point of using categories is to make similarly labeled items easier to find.
To view a folder’s items by category, go to the Navigation pane and select the folder
you want. Then use one of these methods:
Click the View tab. In the Arrangement section, select Categories from the
Group gallery.
Arrange a list. If you’re looking at items in a list—viewing your contacts in List
or Phone view, for example—click the Categories column header to arrange the
list by category. (You may have to scroll to the right to see the Categories column.)
Arrange a list of search results. After you’ve run a search, you can group the
results by category: Click Search Tools | Search Categorized (Alt, JS, G) and
select a category to group by.
Clearing Categories
Sometimes you’ll want to remove an item from a category—a colleague left the
Paperless Office Project, for example, and you want to remove her contact info from
that category. Outlook offers two routes:
Clear all categories. If you want to clear any and all categories from an item,
select it and, on the Home tab, click Categorize Clear All Categories (Alt, H,
G, C). This immediately scrubs any categories associated with the item.
Clear a single category. You might come across a situation where an item is in
multiple categories but you only want to clear one—your colleague left the
Paperless Office Project, but she’s still on the Lumberjack Team. In a case like that,
select the item, head for the Home tab, and click Categorize All Categories
(Alt, H, G, A) to open the Color Categories dialog box (Figure 12-5). Turn off
the checkbox of whichever category you want to clear, and then click OK.
Renaming a Category
Giving a category a new name is simple. Open the Color Categories dialog box (Fig-
ure 12-5), and then select whatever you want to rename. Click the Rename button
to enter your new label.
Customizing Views
Like all of Office 2010, Outlook is highly customizable. You can set up your
workspace however it makes sense to you. The Navigation pane crowding your inbox?
Minimize it. Like seeing a list of what’s on your plate for today? Maximize the To-Do
Bar. This section looks at ways to adjust Outlook’s layout, keeping important folders
and items right at your fingertips.
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