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Customizing the Navigation Pane
Customizing Views
Note: Each of Outlook’s main folders offers options for viewing the items in that folder: Email
conversations are covered on page 245, contacts on page 279, calendars on page 325, tasks on page 336, and
notes on page 343.
Customizing the Navigation Pane
To tweak the Navigation pane’s appearance, click View Navigation Pane (Alt, W, N).
Here’s where you can minimize the pane, making it just wide enough to display icon
buttons for your folders, or turn it off. (To turn it back on, click the Navigation Pane
button and select Normal or Minimized, as you prefer.)
Note: Changes you make to the Navigation pane apply to all your Outlook folders.
Other, more cosmetic, options await. You can, for example, change the buttons
that appear on the Navigation pane by selecting View Navigation Pane Options
(Alt, W, N, N). This opens a dialog box from which you can perform any of the
following actions:
Remove a button. Turn off the checkbox of the button you don’t want to appear
in the pane.
Add a button. Turn on the checkbox of the button you want to add.
Reorder buttons. Select any button and use the Move Up or Move Down
buttons to change where it appears in the pane.
Change the font. To add a little style to the Navigation pane, select a new font
for your items and Folder List.
Reset. If you’ve made changes to the Navigation pane and decide you preferred
its original configuration, just click Reset.
After you’ve made your changes, click OK to apply them.
Tip: A quick way to minimize the Navigation pane (or the To-Do Bar) is to click the arrow at the top of
the pane that points toward the side of the screen. After you’ve minimized the pane, the arrow points the
other way, toward the middle of the screen; click that arrow to maximize the pane again.
Customizing the Reading Pane
The Reading pane lets you preview an item without opening it in a new window.
When you select View Reading Pane (Alt, W, PN), you can reposition the Reading
pane from its current location (the choices are Bottom and Right) or turn it off. The
position of the Reading pane is specific to each folder, so you can have the Reading
pane appear on the bottom of your Mail folder, on the right side of your Tasks folder,
and not at all in your Contacts folder. It’s up to you.
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