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Searching Folders
Searching Folders
When you click the To-Do Bar button and choose Options (Alt, W, B, N), you can
add or remove any section of the To-Do Bar and adjust these settings:
Choose the number of calendars to show in the Date Navigator section.
Normally, this section shows one month. If you want it to show more, then type the
number you want in the “Number of month rows” text box.
Show or hide certain kinds of appointments. By default, Outlook shows all
upcoming appointments here. If you want to hide either all-day events or
appointments you’ve marked as private, then turn off the appropriate checkbox.
Click OK to save your settings.
Tip: You can also customize the To-Do Bar’s task list. Click Arrange By at the top of the list and select the
option you want, such as type, start date, importance, and so on.
Searching Folders
It doesn’t take very long to build up a huge stockpile of Outlook items: email
messages sent and received; a growing number of contacts and appointments; an endless
collection of tasks and notes. Looking for a single item in all that stuff can be like
searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. That’s why Outlook has a powerful
search feature that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can specify
which folders to search, look only for items in a certain category or modified within
the past week, and specify multiple criteria (such as who sent an email and the
approximate time you received it) in an advanced search.
Needle? Haystack? No problem.
Searching the Current Folder
You can do a quick search—so quick, in fact, that Outlook calls it an instant search
from any folder. Try an instant search when you just want to type in a keyword or
two and get a fast result.
To search for an item in the folder you’re in right now, find the Search box (it’s
somewhere at the top of the folder, but below the ribbon), click inside it, and type your
search term. (If you have trouble locating the Search box, press Ctrl+E to highlight
it.) Outlook starts searching even as you type, so pause after you’ve typed a few
characters and scan the results list to see if it shows what you’re looking for. Outlook
highlights your search term in the results. Double-click an item to view it.
Repeating a Search
When you search for an item, Outlook opens the Search Tools | Search contextual
tab (Figure 12-6). In the Options section is the Recent Searches button. When you
want to get another look at the results of a search you did recently, go to the folder
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