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Expanding Your Search
Searching Folders
where you conducted the search and click Search Tools | Search Recent Searches
(Alt, JS, N).
Tip: If you don’t see the Search Tools | Search contextual tab in a folder, press Ctrl+E to open it.
The Recent Searches menu (click the button with the same name to show it) lists
your six most recent searches. Select any search to see its results.
Figure 12-6:
This is the Search
Tools | Search tab
that appears when
you’re searching
a mail folder. The
Scope section lets you
broaden your search,
whereas the Refine
section narrows it.
Click Recent Searches
to see your six most
recent searches. When
you’re done
searching, you can close this
tab by clicking Close
Expanding Your Search
It’s frustrating when you can’t find an item you know is in Outlook…somewhere.
If the item doesn’t turn up in a quick search of the current folder, you may want to
broaden your search to look for the item in more places. Enter the Search Tools: |
Search tab’s Scope section, where you can choose any of these options:
All Items (Alt, JS, A). The name of this button depends on the folder you’re
currently in; if you’re searching the Mail folder, for example, the button says All
Mail Items. Choose this option when you want Outlook to search a main folder
and all its related folders. So if you search All Mail Items, Outlook searches the
folders that contain email messages, including Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and
so on.
Tip: When you search with the All Items button, hover your mouse pointer over any item in the results list
to see which folder Outlook found that item in.
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