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Refining Your Search
Searching Folders
Current Folder (Alt, JS, CF). This is the default search option. It searches the
folder you selected in the Navigation pane—and only that folder.
All Subfolders (Alt, JS, SU). If the folder you picked in the Navigation pane has
subfolders, such as custom folders you created to hold related items, then this
option searches those subfolders in addition to the parent folder.
All Outlook Items (Alt, JS, OL). This is the broadest search option, searching
all Outlook folders.
Refining Your Search
If you’ve run an instant search and haven’t found the item you’re looking for, use
the Search Tools | Search tab to refine the search. The buttons on this tab’s ribbon
are specific to the folder you’re in. For example, when you search in the Mail folder,
the ribbon lets you search by From line, Subject line, or messages with attachments.
In the Tasks folder, the ribbon has buttons to search by the start date, due date, or
the date someone last modified the task; by status or importance; and more. Press
Ctrl+E to open the tab and see what your search options are for a particular folder.
Here’s how these buttons work to refine your search: Say you’re helping to plan an
industry convention in Las Vegas, and you’re looking for the draft of the program you
received as an attachment a while back. You do an instant search of email messages
using “convention” and “Vegas” as keywords, but there are too many results. So you
click the Search Tools | Search tab’s Has Attachments button. Now Outlook looks for
messages that mention “convention” and “Vegas” and also have an attachment. That
narrows down the results, and you find the message you wanted.
Doing an Advanced Search
Sometimes the best way to find exactly what you’re looking for is to search for multiple
criteria. For example, you might want to find a task with the keyword “sign-off ” whose
status is in progress and that was sent to you by your boss. You can add such criteria,
one click at a time, using the Tasks folder’s Search Tools | Search tab. Or you can specify
your criteria all at once using Advanced Find. Advanced Find speeds up your search by
putting multiple criteria up front, making the list of results more precise.
Here’s how to use it:
1. On theSearchTools |Search contextual tab, clickSearchTools Advanced
The Advanced Find dialog box opens, displaying options related to the folder
from which you opened it. Figure 12-7 shows an example.
2. Inthe“Lookfor”drop-downmenu,selectthetypeofitemyouwanttofind
The dialog box’s options change to match the kind of item you’re looking for.
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