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Changing Search Settings
Searching Folders
3. IntheIntextbox,tellOutlookwheretosearch.
You can type in the name of a folder or click the Browse button and select the
folder from a list.
4. Typeinasearchtermandchooseyoursearchcriteria.
The criteria depend on the kind of item you’re looking for. If you’re searching
for an appointment, for example, you can search by the organizer who created
the event or by the names of contacts who are attending. For email messages,
you can search for messages from or to a particular contact and within a time
range of when the message was sent or received.
5. Whenyou’vesetallthecriteriayouwanttouseforthesearch,clickFindNow.
Outlook searches for your item using the criteria you set up and returns any
results, which appear in a pane at the bottom of the Advanced Find box.
Figure 12-7:
Advanced Find lets
you set multiple
criteria for your search.
Options depend
on the kind of item
you’re looking for.
This example does an
advanced search for
an email message.
Changing Search Settings
When you do an instant search, Outlook conducts that search in a certain way: going
through just the current folder, anticipating what you’re searching for as you type,
and highlighting your search term in the results. You can change any of these
settings to customize your instant searches.
To change how Outlook does an instant search, follow either of these paths:
— On the Search Tools | Search tab, click Search Tools Search Options (Alt,
JS, SS, O).
— Select File Options (Alt, F, I), and then select Search.
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