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Changing Search Settings
Searching Folders
A dialog box showing Outlook’s search options opens, as shown in Figure 12-8. Here
are the options you can adjust:
Searching the current folder or all folders. Outlook’s default setting is to
speed up the search by looking in just the current folder. If you’d prefer to
always search all folders, then turn on the “All folders” radio button. To
make rummaging through the trash part of an instant search, turn on the
“Include messages from the Deleted items folder…” checkbox.
Displaying search results as you type the search term. If you don’t like
the way Outlook jumps the gun and tries to anticipate your keyword as you
type, turn off the checkbox labeled “When possible, display results as the
query is typed”.
Limiting the number of results to allow faster searching. Your choice here
is between faster or more thorough. If you opt for the latter, turn off the
“Improve search speed by limiting the number of results shown” checkbox.
Highlighting search terms in results. You know the search results contain
your keyword, so maybe you don’t want that keyword highlighted in each
and every result. If that’s the case, turn off the “Highlight search terms in
the results” checkbox. If you want highlighting but yellow isn’t your color,
click the Highlight color drop-down list to choose a more flattering shade.
Notifying you when search results may be incomplete. If the list of results
may come up short because Outlook hasn’t completed indexing the search,
Outlook lets you know.
Figure 12-8:
You can adjust how
Outlook performs
an instant search by
tweaking the settings
in the Search tab of
the Outlook Options
dialog box.
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