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Cleaning Out Folders
Cleaning Out Folders
1. SelectFile Options(Alt,F,I).
The Outlook Options dialog box opens.
2. SelectAdvancedand,intheAutoArchivesection,clicktheAutoArchiveSet-
You see the AutoArchive dialog box, shown in Figure 12-9.
Figure 12-9:
Keep your folders free of old, outdated items with
AutoArchive. Set how often you want AutoArchive to run, what
it looks for, and what it does with old items.
3. Turnonthe“RunAutoArchiveevery__days”checkbox,andthenselecthow
When you turn on the Run AutoArchive checkbox, Outlook enables these
other options:
Prompt before AutoArchive runs. If you want to get a notification from
Outlook before it AutoArchives old items from your folders, leave this
checkbox turned on. When Outlook is about to run an AutoArchive, it asks
for your okay before starting.
Delete expired items (email folders only). When this checkbox is on,
Outlook deletes any of your email messages that have an expiration date
attached, instead of moving them to the Archive folder.
Archive or delete old items. If you don’t want to archive old items, turn off
this checkbox.
Show Archive folder in folder list. Leave this checkbox turned on if you
want to be able to easily find the Archive folder.
Clean out items older than. Here’s where you tell Outlook how old an item
must be to go to the Archive folder. You can specify the age in days, weeks,
or months.
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