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Cleaning Out Folders
Cleaning Out Folders
Move old items to/Permanently delete old items. Turn on one of these
radio buttons to tell Outlook what to do with old items: Store them in the
Archive folder (or click the Browse button to pick a different storage
location) or delete them for good.
4. Makeyourselections.IfyouwanttorunanAutoArchivebasedontheseset-
tings right now (you don’t have to), click the button labeled “Apply these
Outlook saves your AutoArchive settings and returns you to the Outlook
Options dialog box.
5. ClickOKtocloseOutlookOptions.
Now Outlook will AutoArchive old items based on your settings.
Adjusting AutoArchive settings for a specific folder
AutoArchiving is great for keeping your standard folders, like the Inbox and Sent
Mail folders, manageable. But there may be some folders you’d prefer that
AutoArchive leave alone. Say you created a folder for storing love notes from your
spouse—you might not want to archive those love notes at all. Or you might have
a folder that you want Outlook to AutoArchive but want the settings a bit different
from the standard AutoArchive procedure.
To turn off AutoArchive or tweak its settings for a particular folder, follow these
1. SelectFolder AutoArchiveSettings(Alt,D,A).
The Properties dialog box for that folder opens, with the AutoArchive tab
selected, as shown in Figure 12-10.
Tip: Some folders don’t display the AutoArchive button on the Folder tab. If you don’t see it there,
then click the Properties button (Alt, D, P) to open the folder’s Properties box, and then click the
AutoArchive tab.
2. SelectaradiobuttontotellOutlookhowyouwantAutoArchivetoworkwith
Here are your choices:
Do not archive items in this folder. If you never want Outlook to sweep
old items out of this folder, then turn on this radio button.
Archive items in this folder using the default settings. Turning on this
radio button tells Outlook to AutoArchive items in this folder based on the
settings you selected in the previous set of steps.
Archive this folder using these settings. If you want AutoArchive to treat
items in this folder differently from other AutoArchived folders, then turn
on this radio button and adjust the settings: how often AutoArchive cleans
out this particular folder and what it does with old items.
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