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Cleaning Out Folders
Cleaning Out Folders
3. ClickOK.
For this individual folder, AutoArchive now follows the settings you’ve
established for it.
Archiving manually
You can also archive items in any folder yourself from Backstage, without waiting
around for AutoArchive to do it. To archive items right now, select File Info
Cleanup Tools (Alt, F, E, T), and then select Archive.
In the Archive dialog box, you can run an archive right now based on your
AutoArchive settings, or you can specify special settings for running this particular
archive. Click OK, and Outlook archives the items you told it to.
Tip: To look through items you’ve archived, head for the Navigation pane and expand Archives—this
shows all archived folders. If you’re searching for an archived item, select Archives in the Navigation pane
and then press Ctrl+E to search archived folders. Searching All Items (press Ctrl+E and then select Search
Tools | Search➝All Items (Alt, JS, A) also searches archived items. (When you search All Items, the All
Items button reflects what you’re searching: Mail, Calendar, Task, and so on.)
Figure 12-10:
If you don’t want Outlook to ever AutoArchive items in a
particular folder, you can make that selection in this dialog box.
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