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Cleaning up Your Mailbox
Cleaning Out Folders
Cleaning up Your Mailbox
You don’t have to wait for April to do a good spring cleaning—you can roll up your
sleeves and get busy cleaning up any time of year. And whenever your Mail folder
needs that kind of cleanup, Outlook is ready to help. Mailbox Cleanup helps you
keep your mail folders from getting overcrowded.
Here’s how to clean up your mailbox:
1. Select File Info Cleanup Tools (Alt, F, E, T), and then choose Mailbox
The Mailbox Cleanup dialog box, shown in Figure 12-11, opens, offering these
View Mailbox Size. When you click this button, you see a new dialog box
that lists your Outlook mail folders, along with the total size of each,
indicating how much space that folder is taking up on your computer’s hard drive.
Find items by age or size. If you want to clean up messages by getting rid
of the out-of-date ones or those that take up a lot of storage space, choose
which you want to find and your criterion for searching (say, items older
than 60 days or larger than 250 KB). Click Find to open the Advanced Find
dialog box (Figure 12-7), showing your search results at the bottom. Delete
the messages you don’t want by right-clicking them and choosing Delete.
AutoArchive. If you’ve set up AutoArchiving (page 318), click this button
to run AutoArchive now.
Empty Deleted Items. Old messages and attachments do tend to pile up in
the Deleted Items folder. To get rid of what’s in there right now, click the
Empty button.
Delete Conflicts. You may end up with different versions of the same item
in your mailbox—Outlook calls these conflicting items and stores them all
in a Conflicts folder, so you can choose the correct version. When you have
items in the Conflicts folder, you can see the size of that folder by clicking
the View Conflicts Size button. To clean out the Conflicts folder, click the
Delete button.
2. Afteryou’vefinishedcleaningupyourmailbox,clickClose.
Feels good to have your Mail folder nice and tidy now, doesn’t it?
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