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Scheduling an Appointment
Creating an
Appointment or
Scheduling an Appointment
To put an appointment on your calendar, follow these steps:
1. SelectHome NewAppointment(Alt,H1,N)orpressCtrl+N.Alternatively,
Outlook opens an Appointment window, as shown in Figure 13-2.
Figure 13-2:
When you create an
appointment, record
its essential details:
the reason for the
meeting, its location,
and its start and end
times. If you need to
block out the whole
day, turn on the “All-
day event” checkbox.
Tip: When you select an empty time slot on the calendar before taking step 1, the Appointment window
opens with the date, start time, and end time already filled in.
2. Entertheappointment’sbasicinformation.
Subject. The reason for having the appointment: a lunch date, a birthday party,
a meeting with your ice cream consultant—whatever you’re setting aside time
for. The subject appears on your calendar, so choose something that reminds
you of the appointment’s purpose at a glance.
Location. It’s no good showing up in Conference Room A when the meeting
is happening across town. List the location so you know where you need to be.
Start Time/End Time. The start time is, of course, when the meeting kicks off.
If the appointment is scheduled to end at a certain time, like a two-hour
seminar, you can reserve the whole block on your calendar by selecting an end time.
If you’re scheduling a business trip or vacation days, set the end time for the end
of the final day of the event.
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