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Setting up a Meeting
Creating an
Appointment or
2. Enterparticipants’emailaddressesintheToline.
You can type them in or select addresses from the Address Book, shown in
Figure 13-4. If you’re using the Address Book, select a contact (choose multiple
contacts by pressing Shift or Ctrl as you select) and then click Required (for
participants you expect to attend) or Optional (for participants you’d like to attend,
like consultants). If you’re requesting a room or equipment, put that contact in
the Resources line.
Tip: The box on page 248 lists ways to address an email.
3. Fillintherestoftheinformationjustasyouwouldforcreatinganappointment.
The previous list of steps tells you how to set up an appointment.
Tip: If you’re scheduling a phone or video conference among far-flung participants, it’s helpful to specify
a time zone when you send out invitations, to avoid confusion about what time the meeting really starts.
On the Meeting tab, click the Time Zones button (Alt, H, OS). Time zone fields appear after the start and
end times, with your current time zone already selected. You can click the drop-down arrow if you need to
specify a different time zone.
4. Wheneverythinglooksgood,clicktheSendbutton(orpressCtrl+Enter).
Outlook sends out your invitations with details of the meeting.
Figure 13-4:
When you select
meeting attendees from
your Outlook Address
Book, click the buttons
at the bottom to add
their email addresses to
your meeting invitation.
The status you assign
(Required, Optional, or
Resources) appears in
your tracking list for the
Add participants here
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