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Accepting an Invitation to a Meeting
Creating an
Appointment or
People you’ve invited can accept or decline. To see how to keep track of who’s
planning on attending the meeting, skip ahead to page 331.
Accepting an Invitation to a Meeting
When you receive an invitation to a meeting, the email shows a preview of your
calendar, so you can see how the meeting fits in with the rest of your day. When you’ve
determined whether you can attend, click one of these buttons on the Meeting tab:
Accept. Adds the meeting to your calendar and shoots off an email confirming
that you’ll be there.
Tentative. Adds the meeting to your calendar and notifies the organizer that
you’re not sure whether you’ll make it.
Decline. Lets the organizer know you won’t be there.
Propose New Time. If you want to attend the meeting but have a conflict,
choose this response to suggest an alternative date and time (Outlook lists you
as Tentative in the organizer’s response list).
Tip: Don’t see a Propose New Time button? That’s because the meeting’s organizer disabled it. You can
still send a tentative response and suggest a different time in the email.
Respond. Click this button if you have any questions or comments about the
meeting before you RSVP. You can reply to the organizer or to all participants,
or you can forward the invitation to someone else.
If you have a message for the organizer (such as the reason why you can’t attend),
select Edit Response to add your comment. When you’ve made your choice from the
items listed above, click Send, and your response is on its way.
Adding or Removing Attendees
After you’ve created a meeting, you may have to adjust the attendance list. To do so,
open your calendar, select the meeting you want, and then choose Calendar Tools |
Meeting Add or Remove Attendees (Alt, H2, AA).
A list of your Outlook contacts opens, as shown in Figure 13-4. Meeting participants
and their contact info appear at the bottom, where you can take one of these actions:
• To add an attendee, select the person’s name from the Address Book list, and
then click Required or Optional to add that person to the meeting.
• To remove an attendee, find the person’s contact info in the Required or
Optional field; select and delete it.
Click OK when you’re done. Outlook opens a Meeting window (Figure 13-3) so you
can email attendees and update them about the changes.
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