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Keeping Track of Who’s Attending
Creating an
Appointment or
Keeping Track of Who’s Attending
It’s important to know who’s coming to your party. As people respond to your
invitation, you get emails letting you know whether they’ve accepted or declined. To
get an overview of who’ll be there and who won’t, go to your calendar and open the
meeting. In the Meeting window, click Tracking (Alt, H, T, V) to open a list of people
you’ve invited along with their responses, as shown in Figure 13-5. Outlook
automatically updates the Response column as invitees make their decisions.
Tip: If you need to get in touch with participants, first turn off the left-hand checkbox of anybody you
don’t want to include in the mailing (such as those who declined to attend). Then select Meeting➝
Contact Attendees➝New E-mail to Attendees (Alt, H, AM, S). A message window opens so you can fire
off an email.
If you need to contact just one participant, hover your mouse pointer over that contact’s name, and a
contact card appears—use it to send an email or instant message, or place a phone call (page 296 tells you
Figure 13-5:
After you’ve invited
people to your
meeting, Outlook helps
keep track of their
Canceling a Meeting
Even when you’ve been meticulous in organizing a meeting, sometimes you have to
cancel—the best laid plans and all that. When you need to cancel, follow these steps:
1. InyourCalendar,selectthemeetingyou’recanceling,andthenselectCalen-
darTools|Meeting CancelMeeting(Alt,H2,C).
Outlook opens a Meeting window; it’s already addressed to the meeting’s
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