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Getting Reminders
Editing Events
When you add an event to your calendar, Outlook automatically sets a reminder
for it. At a preset time (usually 15 minutes before the event’s scheduled start),
Outlook reminds you that you’ve got an appointment or a meeting coming up. Outlook
sounds a chime and displays a reminder like the one shown in Figure 13-7.
Figure 13-7:
Don’t forget! Outlook can remind you of
upcoming events and tasks with a Reminder
window like this one.
You can adjust the amount of warning time you get when you create or edit an event.
With the event open, look in the Appointment tab’s Options section for the
Reminder drop-down list. The number you see there tells you how long before the
event’s scheduled start time the Reminder window will appear. Click the drop-down
menu to change the interval—you can set it anywhere from zero minutes (you get
the reminder right at the start time) to two weeks. If the event is something you don’t
need a reminder for, like your birthday, select None.
When the Reminder window pops open to nudge you, choose from any of the
following options:
Open the item. If you need more details about the event, click Open Item.
Hit the Snooze button. When the alarm clock shatters your sleep in the
morning, you can grab an extra 5 minutes’ shut-eye by hitting the snooze button.
The Snooze button in Outlook’s Reminder window does the same thing. When
you click it, the Reminder window goes away and leaves you in peace for a little
bit—but comes back again after a specified interval, usually 5 minutes. (To
adjust how long the Reminder window goes away, click the drop-down list to the
Snooze button’s left.)
Dismiss the reminder. If you’re on your way to your appointment, click
Dismiss. This removes the event and closes the Reminder window.
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