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Change the color. To choose a different color scheme for your calendar, select
View Color (Alt, W, CR). A menu appears showing a palette of colors. Click
the one you like to apply it to the calendar.
See your events in a list. This is a great way to find a particular event—display
all entries in a list, and then sort or group them to find what you’re looking for.
Select View Change View (Alt, W, CV), and then select List.
Tip: List view shows all the events on your calendar. To show only current and upcoming events, select
Active from the Change View menu.
Some people live their lives by lists: shopping lists, to-do lists, lists of Ways I Can
Outshine My Sister. If you’re a list maker, you’ll love what Outlook’s Tasks folder
can do for you. Even if you’re not big on lists, it’s worth giving Tasks a try. You’ll feel
more on top of what you have to do and get a sense of accomplishment when you
cross off a task well done.
To open your Outlook Tasks folder, click the Navigation pane’s Tasks button or press
Ctrl+4. The Tasks folder looks something like Figure 13-8. At the top of the
Navigation pane is your My Tasks list, with two built-in views:
To-Do List. Your To-Do List shows your tasks organized by date. Tasks that are
due today appear at the top of the list. Overdue tasks (those that were due on an
earlier date but you haven’t marked as completed) appear here, too—those are
in red so you’ll remember they’re overdue.
Tasks. This shows all your Outlook tasks in list form, so you can see the entire
collection at once and sort them in various ways. Tasks you’ve marked as
completed appear in this list in strike-through font to indicate that they’re done.
In Outlook’s default view, your To-Do List appears in the center pane, and the
Reading pane, which shows information about any task you select, appears on the right.
Adding a Task
You’ve got two options here: Create the task yourself, or accept a task that someone
has assigned to you. This section shows you how to do both.
Creating a Task
To create a new task and add it to your To-Do List, open your Tasks folder and press
Ctrl+N or use the ribbon: Select Home New Task (Alt, H, N1). A Task window,
shown in Figure 13-9, opens.
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