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Managing Tasks
Managing Tasks
Change a task’s status. Making progress? Give yourself credit by reflecting how
much you’ve accomplished in the task’s Status and % Complete fields.
Send a status report. When you’ve changed a task’s status, you can update
others by emailing a status report. On the Task tab, select Send Status Report (Alt,
H, O1—that’s the letter O, not a zero). A message window opens so you can
send the new status to any interested parties (like your boss). Status reports
automatically include the task’s subject, as well as its current priority, due date,
status, percent complete, and actual work info.
Change a task’s start and due dates. Schedules slip—it’s a fact of business life.
When a project’s schedule changes, open the task and select a new due date and
(if the task hasn’t yet begun) a new start date.
Email a task. To send someone an email message with the task as an
attachment, select the task in the To-Do List or open it in its Task window, and then
click Forward (Alt, H, FW). A message window opens, with the task already
attached. Compose and address your email, and then click Send.
Assign the task to someone else. During a busy week, the words “I’ll do it” can
be music to your harried ears. If someone steps forward to take on a task from
your To-Do List, open the task and click the Assign Task button (Alt, H, B).
Then follow the instructions for assigning a task on page 339.
Categorize a task. You can do this either from the To-Do List or in an open
Task window. From the To-Do List, select the task and click Home Categorize
(Alt, H, G), and then choose the category you want to assign. (Alternatively, you
can right-click the task, choose Categorize from the shortcut menu, and assign
a category from there.) If you’ve got the task open, select Task Categorize (Alt,
H, G) to assign a category.
Note: When you’ve assigned a task to a category, that category’s color appears on your To-Do List to the
right of the task name. For more about working with categories, see page 307.
Make a task recurring. Maybe you attended a meeting you thought was a
one-off, only to learn that you’d be meeting at the same time each week for the
foreseeable future. In the Task window, click the Recurrence button (Alt, H, E)
and fill out the Task Recurrence box’s fields (they’re just like the ones shown in
Figure 13-6).
Delete a task. As page 343 explains, you don’t need to delete a task if you’ve
marked it as completed—Outlook takes those tasks off your To-Do List
automatically. But if there’s a task that, for some reason, you no longer need to attend
to—a meeting or dinner party gets canceled, for example—you can delete it.
Select the item on your To-Do List or open it in a Task window, and then click
Delete (Alt, H, D).
After you’ve made any of these changes, don’t forget to click Save & Close (Alt, H, AV).
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