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Adding a Note
Taking Notes in
Figure 13-12:
Click the Navigation
pane’s Notes button
to open your Notes
Notes button
Notes pane
Adding a Note
Creating a new note is as simple as opening the Notes folder and pressing Ctrl+N. (If
you prefer using the ribbon, select Home New Note or press Alt, H, N). Outlook
opens a new note in its own window, as shown in Figure 13-13; start typing to create
your note. The first line you type becomes the note’s name in the Notes pane, so start
off with something like “Grocery List” that will help you find the note later.
Tip: If the Note window feels a bit cramped for typing, you can expand it by clicking the lower-right
corner and dragging it to a more comfortable size.
When you’re done typing, click the upper-right X to close the note. Outlook adds
your new note to the Notes pane.
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