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Working with Notes
Taking Notes in
Figure 13-13:
When you create a new note, it opens in its
own small window. Type inside the window
to write the note; when you’re finished,
click the upper-right X to close the note’s
Working with Notes
After you’ve added a new note to your Notes folder, you can work with it in any of
these ways:
Read it. Double-click a note to reopen it in its own window so you can read its
full text.
Edit it. Double-click the note. When it opens, click the part you want to edit
and make your changes.
Copy it. You can make an exact copy of a note by right-clicking it and
selecting Copy from the shortcut menu. You can then paste the copy into the Notes
pane, into another Office program, or onto your Desktop. Press Ctrl+V to paste
the copied note into the location you want. A copy of a note is a separate entity
from the original—any changes you make to the original won’t affect the copy,
and vice versa.
Tip: The fastest way to copy a note to the Desktop or another Office program is to click the note, drag it
to the window where you want the copy to appear, and drop it there.
Categorize it. You can assign notes to a category, just like any other Outlook
item. Select a note and, on the Home tab, click Categorize (Alt, H, G) to pick the
category you want for the item. See page 307 for more about using categories to
organize Outlook items.
Note: When you assign a note to a category, the note’s icon becomes the color of that category.
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